The Paul Reed Smith Music School

Thank you for your interest in the Paul Reed Smith Music School.

The school is no longer active.

If you are a previous student and need to download 2020 or 2021 content, please contact

What is the Paul Reed Smith Music School?

The Paul Reed Smith Music School’s theme is “Understanding Rhythm, Harmony, and Melody Makes You a Better Musician.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity for students to learn directly from these amazing touring musicians and teachers. Imagine learning how to groove from Dennis Chambers, learning harmony from John McLaughlin, or improving your guitar technique with Tyler Larson and Tim Pierce. That kind of input can help skyrocket your playing.”


A music school for ALL.

This special virtual school is recommended to anyone ages 10 and up with an affinity for music. Be ready for a fun, interactive experience of learning music with some of the world’s most gifted teachers, all from the comfort of your home. All sessions are taught via live video stream and include extensive interactive portions for students of all skillsets, ages, and instruments to engage with the teachers. Through a Master Class online environment, all attendees will be given real ways to view music, experience music and improve their abilities to play music through this experience.

Paul Reed Smith

Learn from the best.

The school’s teachers are top professional musicians including renowned guitar-maker Paul Reed Smith, legendary drummer Dennis Chambers, YouTube guitar teaching experts Tim Pierce and Tyler Larson, Grammy-winning jazz guitar great John McLaughlin, acclaimed Celtic guitarist Tony McManus, along with Session Directors, Gary and Greg Grainger, known worldwide as “The Grainger Brothers”, Saxophonist Bill Evans, as well as some of Maryland’s best to include Michael Ault (guitar), Bryan Ewald (guitar), Benjie Porecki (keys), Mia Samone (vocals), and Bill Nelson (guitar).



How does access to the recordings work?

Our virtual school was filmed live August 9-12th, 2021. A lightly condensed version is available after each day to access as a series of recordings. If you registered for the school in 2021 and need access to the recordings, please contact

Can I use my phone to view the recordings?

Yes! Everything is desktop and mobile-friendly, so as long as your device has an internet connection, you can watch the recordings.

How are the recordings structured?

Master Class sessions mix a variety of subjects to form a smooth and coherent flow of information. The teachers are filmed live from the stage at Maryland Hall in Annapolis, Maryland.

What do I need for the virtual school?

You will need your instrument of choice, a computer, tablet or smartphone, headphones that plug into your device (optional), and an Internet connection!

My family and I want to watch together. Do we need multiple tickets?

A unique login code is provided that allows multiple logins from the same IP address, so you only need one ticket per household.

What skill level is this for?

These sessions cater to all skill levels of musicians, and the teachers are well aware of how to mold their lessons to a larger audience while still being effective. Certain sessions will cover more fundamental concepts, but are still valuable to those with years of experience. At the same time, beginners will be highly engaged during more advanced sessions, as these amazing teachers specialize in communicating things in a way that is comfortable for everyone.

Here's What Participants Are Saying

“I’m more motivated than ever. I have received a strong foundation to keep my passion to music alive until the last beat of my heart keeps a melody in my voice in harmony with my playing hands.” — Jose S.
“Thanks to the Music School, I hear music MORE FULLY, my ‘ear’ is better, and I'm having a blast on both my acoustic and electric guitars...Music has become such a wider world thanks to the vision all the teachers so generously shared” — Mary Ellen L.
“Just wanted to express real appreciation to everyone that put on this Virtual Music School. It was not only a great educational experience but also a wonderful few days.” — Andy N.
“Presenters are all extremely proficient in playing their instruments…showing that communication between band members is a dynamic activity in which each musician complements the others to make the greater whole.” — Laurence T.